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What to expect...

Rookie Camp is mandatory for all NEW Kingfish swimmers and 6 y/o from last year "Aging up" to 7 for the 2022 summer season. During this week (specifically the 6  & unders) we will test your swimmer’s readiness to be a Kingfish. The more your struggling swimmer comes to practice the more likely they will be passed as "pool safe" and ready to swim. Our goal is to get every swimmer in a Kingfish cap. If you are apprehensive about putting your child on the team, please come and give it a shot. Your little swimmer may surprise you!

For 7 & up's, the focus will be learning the 4 strokes. It's a great introduction before the returners come practice the following week. Once again, the more practice your swimmer attends the more improvement you and your swimmer will see. Swimming is a very repetitive sport and needs to be practiced over and over to see results.

On Tuesday and Thursday of Rookie Camp, we will offer a turns clinic immediately following the second session of practice. This is for 9 & ups only (new to team and new to 9 age group). We will work on flip turn and I/M turns. (Returning 10 & ups will work on this when practice officially starts the week of April 25th)


  • 6 & Under: 5:15-6:00
  • 7 & Up: 6:00-6:45

*Tuesday & Thursday turn clinic from 6:45-7:15


“My swimmer swam last year as a 6 & under and now is 7. Should she come to rookie camp?”
--Yes! We will be working on learning the 4 strokes.

"My swimmer is 6 and swam last year as a Kingfish. Should he come to rookie camp?"
--No, he will begin practice the following week.

"My swimmer is turning 9. Should they participate in the strokes clinic on Tuesday and Thursday of rookie camp?"
--Yes, absolutely!

"My swimmer is coming from another team and is a 6&under. Should she come to rookie camp?"
--Yes, please! I would feel safer to see that he/she is "Pool Safe" before practice is officially starting. Once I tell you she is good to go, then you can wait to come for regular season practice.


For our newest swimmers, once our coaches have determined they are "Pool Safe", we ask that you not return until the following week for regular practice.  This allows our coaches to spend as much time as possible with those who require additional help.

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