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What is "Pool Safe"?

What does it mean to be "Pool Safe"?

Although having a fun time and a community building experience are high priority for the Kingfish; safety is always our #1 concern.  All swimmers must be deemed "Pool Safe" by our coaches to be eligible to swim for the season.

"Pool Safe" - A Child must be able to cross the pool lengthwise without a coach or parent having to jump in to assist. However, they may pause and rest on the ropes as many times as they feel necessary. Rookie Camp is held the first week of the season to assist our new swimmers achieve this.  If your little one can't do this now, I would suggest registering and allowing them to go through Rookie Camp. Most make it on there own by the end of camp.

Refunds are given for any child that isn't deemed "Pool Safe" by the end of Rookie Camp (minus $25/swimmer Rookie Camp Fee).

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